Christians are obligated to murder

Christians, we are obligated to murder. We have enemies inhabiting our soil who do not deserve the breath of life. Moreover, we have been promised a reward that is exceedingly beyond the comparison of all efforts we can muster in order to murder this rabble (Romans 8:12)
  1. Sexual activity that is not between a husband and wife.
  2. Intense desire for wealth, things, or somebody else's things.
  3. A drive to pursue physical pleasure, especially sexual pleasure
  4.  Having any master that is not God
  5. Seeking power or assistance from spirits
  6.  Harboring and/or entertaining hatred or ill will
  7. Contention for superiority, especially violent
  8. Hostility toward rivals, or hostility towards anyone believed to enjoy an advantage
  9.  Tendency to suspect there is rivalry or unfaithfulness
  10. Outbursts of anger
  11. Entertaining competitive and especially selfish advantage
  12. contentious or irritable quarreling
  13. dividing ourselves into self-seeking groups
  14. Envy
  15. Drunkenness
  16. Orgies

We have a promise that as we FIGHT to murder these tendencies not only from our outward behaviors but tearing out the roots from our inward thoughts and desires, the reward will be so overwhelmingly great and eternal that whatever blood we lost in the fight will be nothing in comparison. (Romans 8:18)

Therefore, whenever we sense them arising in our sin nature. Either through our own personal reflection, or revelation by the Holy Spirit and whatever means He chooses to reveal it to us: Admonition from a fellow Christian, reading the word, prayer, a still small voice, a dream, just to name a few possible channels. They deserves our full effort to murder them, that they never rise again. As many times as it takes. For the rest of our lives.


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